Each collection is designed with great respect for harmony in geometry, color with simplicity in contrast and sophistication.

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Our Story


We were founded on the belief that style shouldn’t be a luxury for the rich & famous - our goal is to provide the best design, high-quality watches in the market. Since its foundation NO MONDAY has promoted a multi-cultural mindset that encourages excellence and creativity. We take an artisan’s approach to watch making based on pushing forward the boundaries of technology and leveraging our experience toward exploring new possibilities.

No Monday


Our products are designed & crafted to complement all styles. We take pride in providing relentless customer service to make your NO MONDAY experience one of a kind. We’re on a mission to make an impact. To create and innovate in a way that’s good for fashion and good for the world. Everything we manufacture is in the spirit of providing excellent style, fashion at prices that are for everyone. As a company we care about the things that matter: our people, our communities and our planet.

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Our Brand

With its passion for innovation and style, No Monday has established an international reputation.